George Samman on consortia, private blockchains, identity, and more - short and good

NYU students win competition with a proposal to vote on blockchain

US Fed releases research paper on distributed ledger technology

Senegal goes to digital currency

William Mougayar on the new decentralized funding model

William Mougayar on The Promise of a Centerless World - YouTube video

Here's the Evernym White Paper on Digital Identity.

Nina Kilbride on the legal enforceability of smart contracts. 

China to use blockchain for its social-security program

A good talk on identity basics for blockchain by David Birch - video

Oliver Wyman, ably assisted by Nina Kilbrand, report on asset management on the blockchain

Ions let you bind a simple text username to an address on the iocoin blockchain. 

McKinsey publishes a report on insurance on the blockchain. 

An MIT project will create a research blockchain to store our personal medical records.

Razormind plans to release their own blockchain-OS, complete with a desktop and app suite.

DTCC cooperates with DAH to test repo-market shared ledgers - could transform the worldwide financial system

Sweden tests land-registry on blockchain

Johann Gevers on the decentralized future - TEDx talk

Seizing Opportunity - Blockchain and Beyond - report by KPMG

China forms an alliance to create blockchain solutions - Bitcoin Magazine

12 Big industries that could be disrupted by the blockchain - CB Insights

Blockchain spells the end of certification, and that's a good thing - HuffPo article

A nice infographic on Ethereum - by Jaxx

Barclay's demonstrates smart-contract infrastructure - this is how banks can innovate!

Blockchain for Grownups: Cutting Through the Hype - a nice thought piece by Thoughtworks.

USPS publishes a report on how blockchain may benefit the postal service

Outlier Ventures launches their blockchain startup tracker

An introduction to oracles - from the Dynamis insurance blog

Caitlin Long explains how blockchain will fix the shadow banking's huge collateral problem

AirBnB just acquired a team of Bitcoin and blockchain experts. 

Qoin - a web site dedicated to local currencies

Get on the sign-up list for AKASHA - the first decentralized content network

Jack du Rose on The Future of Work, Colony style

Governor of Delaware announces his state government's commitment to blockchain

Balaji Srinivasan: Every computer can now become a 21 Bitcoin computer

Regis - a public registry for anything on the blockchain

Learn about computational law - law that's built to execute

The Arcade City video - how ridesharing will be decentralized

How Tokenly works - animated video

How the Maker stablecoin system works - white paper

Jesse Grushack explains fixing music on the blockchain - video

Intel doing experiments to scale the blockchain and keep your keys safe

The best 5-minute intro video I've seen on what is the blockchain, created by the team at Intobitcoin. 

What is Ethcore? Read what Gavin Wood and company are up to

How to make your DAO legal, by Piers

A Decision Tree for Blockchain Applications: Problems, Opportunities or Capabilities? - William Mougayar

Fuzo: SIM-based cryptobanking

Bernard Lunn explains Blockchain for the insurance industry

Central planning of cryptocurrencies - thoughts by Kristov Atlas

Get the latest on blockchain developments at CryptoCrunch

Read the Pax Blueprint, to see how law and the blockchain will interact. 

Centrally Banked Cryptocurrencies - a paper from the University College of London

The Unsexy Future of Blockchain is in Accounting - QZ

Alex Puig on the collision of information, things, and transactions (plus a conference on March 17th)

A Strategist's Guide to Blockchain: Strategy + Business article

Neighborhood Pool Watch has many up-to-date statistics and graphs on the Bitcoin network. 

e-Governance start-up BitNation launches first blockchain-based constitution, passports, notaries, and more

Mizuho announces a blockchain trial for syndicated loans

The Bitcoin system today requires around 250 megawatts to run - some estimates are up to 500 MW today. This is the equivalent of the power required to run about 200,000 to 400,000 average american homes. 

Epicenter Bitcoin: Interviews with movers and shakers of the decentralized world. 

Ukraine set to try blockchain-based voting.

A nice piece from Singularity Hub on the promise of blockchain and decentralized autonomous organizations. 

Clearmatics is out ahead on using blockchain to clear and settle securities trades. 

Learn about BitCongress: decentralized voting and governance. - great statistics on the Ethereum network. 

Is Zcash the anonymous crytpocurrency many people have been looking for? - Wired article

Read the Provenance White Paper on blockchain-driven product traceability - revolutionizing the supply chain with timestamped data. 

Linux Foundation announces Hyperledger - an open-source project to address significant challenges of blockchain technology

I recognize that there are alternatives to Ethereum and that Ethereum is still a work in progress. However most of the debate has shifted from what platform to use to what kind of ecosystem of value will form around Ethereum. People are talking about how to use Ethereum, not whether to use Ethereum. If you don’t use Ethereum, you have to defend that decision.
     - Bernard Lunn, DailyFinTech (Feb, 2016)

The UN Needs Blockchain to Achieve Its Goals - World Economic Forum where leaders and changemakers were discussing blockchain in the context of solving many of the world’s most urgent humanitarian problems.

Swiss Apartment Provider Now Accepts Rent in Bitcoin - Swiss-based Vision Apartments has announced that it is now accepting rent in bitcoin at all its global locations, according to the apartment leader.

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