BitMain Tech: Makes the AntMiner, one of the fastest machines on the market
21*4: A starter miner and Bitcoin computer/node

Cold Storage

Cold storage is a physical device in which you keep all the keys to your assets, and you can take it offline (make it cold) when you’re not using it.

Case*4: A multi-sig offline wallet with a built in GSM chip to connect.
Keepkey*4: A personal hardware wallet.
BitcoinArmory*4: Serious storage for consumers and enterprise.


If Ethereum really is the new operating system for a new computer, then we can imagine the emergence of ETHbooks. Similar to Chromebooks, an ETHbook would be a cheap laptop/tablet that has an Ethereum browser built in, can see and interact natively with the world of decentralized apps, includes a hardware wallet, and can also see the rest of the http web. Watch this space!