Reports and White Papers

Distributed Ledger Technology: Beyond the Blockchain, 2015: UK Office for Science report

Digital Republics

Design of a Digital Republic: The Urbit Manifesto
Pax: digital nation and cryptolegal framework


BackFeed*3: Infrastructure for managing equity distribution, reputation, and much more.
BitCongress: Law creation, voting, budgeting, decision making
BitCongress white paper: How to use the blockchain as a vote tally mechanism
Board Room*3, by ConsenSys: 
DAO Hub*3: Start your own DAO - it's easy! .
Otonomos*3: Create your company on the blockchain. 
The Digital Chamber of Commerce: A trade group promoting digital assets. 

Government Services


Records Management

Factom*4: Blockchain-based records storage and security solutions.


Forensic Science and Beyond, 2015: Authenticity, Provenance, and Assurance

Anti-corruption uses blockchain to improve transparency and development work


Liquid Feedback: Open-source proposition and decisionmaking tools
Range Voting: If you want to decide by voting, use range voting.
Google experiment with social liquid democracy (2015), paper
Liquid Democracy explained (YouTube)