CoinDesk Database: Tracks most VC investments in blockchain companies
Outlier Ventures's Blockchain Startup Tracker

Venture Funds 

Bitcoin Capital: Makes Series A and early-stage investments by watching crowdfunding sites.
Blockchain Capital: Specifically dedicated to blockchain.
Blue Yard: Blockchain fund in Berlin. 
Boost: Focused on seed-stage blockchain and virtual reality, funding and accelerator.
Digital Currency Group: A very active blockchain investor
Outlier Ventures: Building new blockchain companies in Europe
Pantera Capital: Blockchain investors, San Francisco
Ribbit Capital: Active Bitcoin investors
Unicef Innovation Fund is looking for open-source next-generation solutions
Union Square Ventures: Active blockchain investors

Wanxiang Group earmarks $50m for blockchain deals



Bithub.Africa: Cryptocurrency accelerator in Nairobi
Blockchain.Space: Barcelona
Blockstars: London
Coinsilium: A public venture accelerator in London
Nexus Squared: A virtual fintech/blockchain accelerator based in Zurich.